Repetition Is The Foundation Of Any Effective Speech Essay

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Repetition Is the Foundation of Any Effective Speech Throughout history, speeches have been known to change many lives both during the speech’s time and in the modern era. At the foundation of any one of these speeches is the literary element known as repetition. Though repetition is known most commonly for its literal meaning of repeating words, this literary device is much more than that. A speaker’s repetition can cause the listeners to react an abundance of ways ranging from cheering for themselves to becoming violent towards others. Each of the following speeches uses repetition in its own way in order to emotionally affect the audience’s mood.
One of the greatest speakers to employ this repetition ideal is Martin Luther King Jr., and his famous “I Have a Dream” speech only encourages this claim. While listening to the speech, the audience remained mostly quiet while employing the occasional clap. As the speech went along, Dr. King decided to repeat the words “I have a dream” gain the crowd’s interest (par. 16). The crowd’s emotion changed from bored to hanging onto every word that was coming out of King’s mouth. This becomes most apparent when the roar of the crowd echoes upon King’s completion of the speech, as well as the continuation of the Civil Right’s Movement. This speech symbolized a breakthrough in African American rights, and could have been equally ineffective had King never employed repetition.
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