Renewable Technologies Are Our Future Essay

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Renewable technologies are our future. Limited resources such as oil and coal are only a stepping stone to get us to clean and sustainable technologies like photovoltaic, oceanic, geothermal, and wind electrical generators. For the past decade, the United States has been investing in many inland wind farms which are located in Class 3 areas. Wind speeds are categorized by classes, and Class 3 is the minimum before a wind farm is not worth the installation costs; Class 1 being far too low and Class 7 being extremely good. In the U.S. the highest wind speeds are around Class 4-5 and are located in the center of the country where these high wind speed areas are sparse and away from large cities which makes the wind energy their not very useful as the demand is negligible. 70% of the country is class 3 and less which means there is little inland wind opportunity. However, our offshore territory and coastal regions have incredible wind speeds ranging from Class 5 to 7 and beyond. This is true for all the coasts that wrap around the U.S.

I strongly believe we should be capitalizing on our offshore wind resource. According to the Global Wind Electricity Council, all of the U.S. offshore wind energy could supply the nation four times. This means we only need to line a fourth of our coasts with wind turbines to meat all of our energy demands.

"At present, the average offshore wind turbine size is 3.7MW, with the average water depth at 22.4meters, and the average…

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