Renewable Sources Of Renewable And Nonrenewable Energy Essay

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Around the world are many different energy sources. There are two main types: renewable and nonrenewable. Renewable sources are sources we can use repeatedly without fear of running out. Some examples are water, solar, and wind. Nonrenewable have a short shelf life. They are slowly running out. Examples of these are coal, natural gas, and petroleum. The two I will be comparing are ethanol from corn and solar energy from the sun. Solar energy is self-explanatory. We harness the power of the sun for energy. Solar panels can be put on cars, calculators, houses, and space crafts. The sunlight hits the cell, loosens the electrons, and turns it into electricity. Because of emerging technology, the energy from the sunlight can be stored on a battery. This makes it sustainable and easy to use (Solar Energy, n.d.). Ethanol from corn is a renewable source of energy, but uses nonrenewable sources for production. Corn itself is a very easy plant to grow. It can also be used for many things besides human and animal consumption. However, most of the time corn is used for things other than food for humans. Scientific American states that, “roughly 40 percent of U.S. corn is used for ethanol” (2013). Ethanol is used as gas in cars and many gas stations across the United States have the opinion of ethanol gas. Ethanol is considered a green energy source because it is biodegradable and helps reduce greenhouse gases (Why is Ethanol "Green"?, n.d.). These two different sources of energy are…

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