Renewable Energy : Solar Energy Essay

1170 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 5 Pages
There are many different ways energy is generated in the world today. The energy type that will be most beneficial to reduce the future impact of global warming is renewable energy. Renewable energy is overall better for the environment in the future because it releases virtually no emissions that create greenhouse gases. The EPA states that Renewable energy includes solar, wind, hydroelectric, and geothermal: including “generating renewable energy on-site, purchasing green power through renewable energy certificates and purchasing renewable energy from an electric utility”.[1] Renewable energy is often thought of as too expensive and ineffective but in reality that is not true. Renewable energy will be very beneficial to our environment in the future. Solar energy captures UV light with solar panels and turns it into energy. It is an alternative to other energy sources such as, nuclear power plants, oil refineries, coal burning power plants and natural gas. The valuable thing about solar energy is that it uses the sun as its source of energy. It also doesn’t produce any bio fuels that are bad for the environment. Also solar panels can be added to your house to help you use less electricity, which in turn saves you money.(add source about how much you can save) In addition they can be added to government buildings, on parking structures or on the ground. [2] Solar energy produces no emissions to the air and it is overall better for the environment than fossil…

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