Renewable Energy, Solar, And Hydroelectricity Essay

1929 Words May 6th, 2015 8 Pages
Renewable energy is without a doubt the solution to the worlds energy needs. As time progress as does the technology avaiablible to us. With this advancing technology we have seen some major strides made in the area of renewable energy. As you are most likely aware the main renewable energy sources are Wind, Solar, and Hydroelectricity. With the rising awareness of the affects fossil fuels has on our environment the time to act is now. All forms of energy have their advantages and dis-advantages, however this field is constantly advancing with the times and moving forward. The purpose of this paper is to discuss hydroelectricity and how it works while also looking at the benefits as well as areas that need improvement. Additionally discussed is the use of Solar-hydro power plants and its pro’s and con’s. Is hydroelectric power the best answer to the world’s energy needs, and are hybrid power plants a better option?
What is Hydroelectric Energy?
Hydroelectric energy is created by the kinetic energy of falling or running water to turn a turbine that produces useable electricity. Interestingly enough, the sun is what creates this kinetic energy initially through the evaporation process. Once the water has been evaporated gravity takes control and the process begins. The process is fairly straightforward, water from a dammed reservoir or a free flowing river is released at certain heights and as it falls it passes through turbines that in turn capture the kinetic energy and…

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