Renewable Energy Disadvantages

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Introduction As our environment and economy continues to face many challenges, replacing fossil fuels with alternative energy resources, not only helps to create a cleaner environment, it also helps reduce the bills. However, not everyone is aware of these issues. It’s time we realize that there is only a matter of time before we have globally consumed all available fossil fuels. We have reached a point in time where we must look into alternative resources preferably renewable ones.
Alternative resources range from getting our energy from the sun, the wind, biomass or even water. However, new innovative thinkers have suggested using garbage as an actual energy source. While others focus more on what is available now and how we can take advantage
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When it comes to renewable energies there are economical disadvantages. One being the investments made as Ulrike Lehr Lehr (August 2012) states, renewable energy technologies crowds out investment in fossil fuel technologies such as coal fired power plants, oil fired heating systems. This substitution effect leads to profit losses in the respective economic sectors. This connects to the increasing prices of the renewable energy systems in due to its higher demand. In order to get to the benefits that come with using renewable energy it would take large investments and a structured economy to achieve the goal, because the benefits will outshadow the …show more content…
Many believe that new reservoirs will be found giving us more time. They believe that things will just fall into place without them having to make any changes that they are not comfortable with. Those like Julian Spector don’t think it 's reasonable to have an entire country run on a hundred percent renewable sources. Spector (July 10, 2015) believes that if we do choose to go one hundred percent renewable sources, then it 's most likely that we are relying on solar power, wind energy and water energy. With such energy sources there are time limits. What Spector is unaware that there are storage mechanisms to handle situations that might disallow solar panel from providing electricity 24 hours a day. For example, solar panels have batteries that store energy collected during the day, this way electricity can be provided even after the sun goes down. Solar panels provide the same electrical needs as coal, without the CO2 emission, or the

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