Essay on Renewable Energy And Solar Power

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Bonterra renewable energy & solar power is a company that distributes clean and reliable power to the different residents and companies of Hawaii. Since 2009 the company has installed thousands of high-quality solar panels and clean energy solutions. Other than solar panels the Bonterra Company has branched out to different projects that include the Department of Hawaiian Home Lands’ Kaupuni Village. The project includes building the first net-zero energy community in the nation. The team at Bonterra helps the customer create an ideal clean energy solution that will help reduce utility involvement, lower costs, and provides greater control over energy generation (Bonterra Solar Hawaii). The stakeholder, Bonterra, uses images to target residents and companies in the state of Hawaii whom wish to install solar panels. Using images with compelling design elements and using rhetorical appeals such as ethos, logos, and kairos, Bonterra successfully sends a message that their mission is to make renewable energy accessible to the residents and companies that are located in Hawaii. With the design elements and rhetorical appeals in the stakeholders images; attempts to make their target audience feel the need to have solar panels in their lives.
Firstly, the first image (see Fig. 1) under the about section of Bonterra has a simple diagram and a powerful message of what the company is trying to establish. The fist thing that the audience would see is at the top of the image is a…

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