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1) Rene Descartes
a) Rene Descartes believes that things exist simply because he thinks, therefore he is. This is beautifully illustrated when he gives us the wax example. Before giving that example, Rene Descartes did state that our senses are deceptive and so is our imagination. If we were to go by that, does that mean we exist just because we perceive it through our senses? He concludes no. His explanation of existence is that he is just a “thing” which thinks and because of that he is the “I”. Rene Descartes tells us that we are just a thing with the capacity to doubt, understand, conceive, affirm, deny, will, refute, and a thing that can imagine and feel. He concludes that we exist by the understanding only, not because of our sense, but only because they are understood. Ultimately, knowing our mind is the reason why we come to that understanding we exist.
b) We find Rene Descartes wax example, in the second meditation, Part 2. In this meditation, Rene wanted to clarify what this “I” is and this “thing that thinks”. Rene Descartes comes to the conclusion that he is not only something that thinks, understands and has a will but he has something that imagines and has senses. That being said, he also stated that our senses cannot be trusted either. He states and believed that our senses can be deceiving, they could be dreams and lastly, they can be purely evil. In addition, our imagination cannot be trusted as well. He uses the wax example to illustrate how we come to…

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