Rene Descartes Arguments For The Existence Of God

Rene Descartes was a rationalist philosopher who created a methodology in order to determine what in the world was certain and what should be rejected. His third meditation uses this methodology while being primarily concerned with proving the existence of God. This certainly is important for Descartes because if God exists, then we are able to trust our senses because God wouldn’t deceive us by distorting our perceptions. Additionally if things are as Descartes perceives them, then he must exist because he is the one perceiving the world. Descartes presents several arguments for God’s existence, including one which incorporates the great chain of being and both representational and intrinsic reality. In this paper, I will argue that Descartes’ …show more content…
So in the above example, Descartes only has an idea of God as infinitely perfect. However, this is enough because Descartes claims that everything that he can see clearly and distinctly, everything that he can clearly have an idea of, must exist. “So I now seem to be able to lay it down as a general rule that whatever I perceive very vividly and clearly is true” (Descartes, 1641, p. 9). Every idea has what Descartes refers to as representational reality which is equal to the intrinsic reality that it in the actual embodiment of the idea. In this third meditation, it appears that Descartes is using the word ‘reality’ as a synonym for perfection. Thus, if the idea of God has infinite representational reality then God must have infinite intrinsic reality. Or, if Descartes has an idea of God as a infinitely perfect being, then God must be infinitely intrinsic perfection. The relevant question here is what caused Descartes to have this idea of a perfect God. Descartes believe that every effect must have a cause because “something can’t arise from nothing” (Descartes, 1641, p.12). This assumption means that something would have to have given Descartes the idea of God because it would not have been able to come from nothing or just appear in his

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