Castaño's Philosophy: I Am A Questioning Being

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Alyckssa Maye J. Castaños Philosophy 15 - AGA
I am a Questioning Being:
One who wants, to know, and one who acts upon knowing

Humans when exposed to similar triggering factor do not necessarily have similar response because interpretations of the trigger may vary according to his/her analysis, exposure, culture, values and other factors. These are all because humans are rational beings, we’re thinking beings. One of the principles of Rene Descartes is “cogito, ergo sum” ― “I think therefore I am”. This implies that one of the main features of man is that he can reason out or has reasoning skills which is a strong evidence of his existence. We are rational beings, it means that we, humans, have the ability to reason out or can clearly
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Thus, we should always be reminded that we are conscious of the things that we do. Only the fools tend to do things suddenly without careful deliberation. On the contrary, the wise people ponder each situation in order to arrive at the answer that fits before taking actions. It is necessary to know, to have a reliable basis for action. These bases are from the questions we ask, those questions are the roots of the whole new knowledge that you’ve gained though time. We learn and gain new knowledge by asking questions. Hence, we must ask questions in order for us to know what to do, how to deal or how to respond to certain situations. In the other hand, we should not think impulsively for we might regret our actions. We must think first before we do things for this could affect our present and future. Most of the time, impulsive actions are fueled by strong push of our emotions. We tend to neglect our capacity to reason or think before doing something, this is why we must balance our reason and emotions. If we perfectly balanced the two, there would be a great possibility that we will be arriving at right answer that fit to the given situation. Therefore, human beings need to ask questions and have enough knowledge to be able to have a clear understanding of a situation before he/she makes decision. In that way, human beings will be more confident of the decisions they

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