New Hire Orientation

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For the week of 09/28/15-10/03/15 I was assigned personnel assignments and did not shadow anyone in the department. I primarily did assignments for the sales team minus two hours where I left the office for new hire orientation. I was unable to tie any of my activities for the past week to any of my chosen competencies.

On Monday 09/28/15 the Renaissance held their first new hire orientation since I started my orientation and I was instructed to attend. I learn everything from the benefits that even as a intern I was able to enjoy, to safety procedures that are essential to the proper running of the hotel. I was also able to meet my fellow co-workers and lend my knowledge of stonebridge to my team during a game of jeopardy. Overall the new
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The sales team was constantly buying the same items because they didn’t know what they had. I was given the task to try and organize the cabinet so that they would know what they had and what they needed. The sales storage closet was full of amenities and oddities that the sales team might need to appease their clients and future clients. It took almost 2 hours of pulling everything off the shelves and organizing, but by the time I was done the closet was useable once again. I do not believe that the Kelly (a Sales Manager) thought it would take me that long, but she underestimated everything in the closet. After reviewing all listed competencies for all concentrations I was unable to tie this experience back to a core competency. After I finished with the storage closet I was brought back into the sales office and asked to try and fix a discrepancy. Kelly the sales manager in charge of corporate room nights, found a discrepancy in her personal files. Her personal file stated that she had sold 1022 corporate rooms for the month of September, but the main computer file stated that she had sold 1029. Kelly had compared numbers, fixed equation, and doubled checked her numbers but she could not figure out where the seven rooms came from. She asked me if I could review the spreadsheets to try and discover where the discrepancy were coming from. I worked until my day ended and sadly I was unable to find where the seven rooms came from. Kelly has made it my personal project, so I will continue to work on it until I figure out where the discrepancy came from. As I stated above, I was unable to tie this experience back to my chosen competencies, but I was able to tie it to the sales core competency General Administration and Professional Skills: Problem Solving. Kelly told me that it is always important to understand where your numbers are coming from and to never

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