Renaissance Art And Influence During The Middle Ages

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Register to read the introduction… Some people still clung on to the medieval view of the world but slowly this view ended almost completely.

     During the Renaissance period people became tired of the world view in the Middle Ages. To them, the feudal period had been a period of inactivity and sluggish growth. Instead, Renaissance people admired the classical age and the great artists and thinkers of ancient Greece and Rome.

     Much ancient art, especially sculpture, had been made to celebrate the beauty of human form. Ancient Greek and Roman artists had tried to communicate a sense of beauty in their art. Greek thinkers had developed systems of philosophy that showed people how to improve themselves and their society through there own efforts. In short, the classical society was optimistic, and much better then the views from the Middle Ages. Renaissance artists and thinkers worked hard to bring the classical culture to life again, and to make a new better
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During their time, banks were simply tables with bankers behind them. This is why the word bank comes from the Latin word that means "bench" and "table". The table, or in some cases tables, were more like a small stall that was sometimes found in the market square of important cities. When a banker was ready to do business, he set out his notebooks, a pile of coins, and of course, a scale in which to weigh coins. Most banks were owned by rich and powerful families and only sometimes were banks owned by the local government. At first borrowing money from banks and paying interest was considered morally wrong. This was because you have to pay back more then you borrowed. Even so, eventually banking became popular and more and more cities began to have

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