Essay on Removal of Life Support Pros and Cons

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Removal of Life Support
Withholding or withdrawing life-prolonging treatment is considered “letting die”. The disease process causes the client to die a natural death. (Perry & Potter, 2010). Theoretical, emotional, and ethical confusion often accompanies ethical decision-making in these circumstances and beclouds the hearts and minds of decision makers. (Rev. O ' Rourke, 2005) Family members or legal proxies may be called upon to make a decision of this nature for patients who are unable to speak for themselves. In these circumstances one may decide that prolonging life is not the best investment of energy, time, or money that can be made in the time remaining.
If further therapies to prolong life "do not offer a reasonable hope
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We do not have the right to make a decision to end another human beings life. We are in no position to say that we know what this particular person would want in their present condition. A life is a life and every human being has the right to live.
People in favour of removing the plug often say it is the compassionate way to end pain and suffering. You pull the plug on someone just because you think he/she has had enough. The end does not justify the means. The fact

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