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“Remember the Titans” Project Report Remember the Titans is a American sports movie directed by Boaz Yakin. The movie is based on a true story of Afro-American coach Herman Boone, who make an effort against racisim in Alexandria, Virginia in 1971. In this report the movie evaluated within the contex of Organizational Behaviour concepts. At the begining of the movie, white and black players of the teams cultural and characteristic diversifications clearly stated. These diversifications creates a completely new character to the Titan Team under the coaching of Coach Boone. Team players realize that they can come together to do something special despite of their diversifications. If we examine these diversifications;white players are …show more content…
Petey Said “ All this yelling his doing, it don’t do nothing but make me play worse, i can’t play for this man” than Coach Yoast wanted him to play defensive back for his defence team and encourge him to he can stop the numer 23 of Hawks. Even Petey did not beleive himself but with the faith of Coach Yoast Petey stop number 23 succesfully and Titans win the game. We can analyse that giving resposibilty to somebody is very important to getting feedback positively or negatively, even an attacking player can play great on defence play in a same game regardless the winning or loosing.

When Yoast made this move (run Petey with defence team) Boone thought that Yoast was allowing the Hawks score on purpose. This is a great example of ınaccurate perception. On the other side the Titans football team comprised of black and white players.
But when new black coach assigned the black players had potential to play in Titans.
Under the coaching of Coach Boone players with the potential and skills are important rather than their colors. His attitude to player fairly and equitably. It makes players motivate and influences them.
After the Hawks match Gerry Bertier wanted to talk with coach Boone about Ray take out the team. He seeks the team’s benefits instead of his friendship with Ray and form a sentence “ sometimes you just got to cut a man loose.” It was a pure ethical decision .

When Ronnie “Sunshine” Bass

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