Essay Remarks Concerning The Savages Of North America

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Remarks concerning the civilized nature of white America

In 1782 Benjamin Franklin published a paper known as “Remarks concerning the Savages of North America,” A paper on the culture and etiquette of native americans in 1782. This paper took a surprisingly progressive stance on Native American culture; it showed them as a tolerant and respectful peoples, one when juxtaposed with his own, made his own look uncouth and abrasive. In 1993 Sherman Alexie published a book called “The Lone Ranger and Tonto Fistfight in Heaven” an anthology that shone a light into the life of 20th century Native Americans. A few of these stories even featured a perspective on white american culture from a Native American perspective. Franklin’s work speaks in direct conflict with the opinions of his society, whereas Alexie speaks for his culture’s relationship which white people, developing the other from his perspective and emotions in juxtaposition with his own culture. Though each writer’s delivery is different they both allude to white America’s strong intolerance for Native America. Franklin’s essay was written in opposition to many of the views of that time; he often juxtaposed polite and respectful Indians with greedy and rude British. One of the clearest example of this is when the British missionaries sit down with the Native Americans and told them the story of Adam and Eve. When they finished the Native Americans told them their story of origin. At this the missionaries take great…

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