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Voodoo beliefs and culture

Have you ever wondered about the beliefs and practices of Voodoo, pertaining to the death and the afterlife? Voodoo is a popular religion practiced throughout the Carribean, and mostly countries like Haiti. The followers of Voodo believe in the spirit world that is influenced by the pathenon of gods. The followers of Voodoo believe in the after life and that death is the passage to cosmic community of ancestral spirits. The Voodoo religion can be directly traced to the West African,Yourba people. These people lived in the 18th and 19th century, Dahomey. The roots of Voodoo can go back to 6,000 years in Africa. The religion of voodoo spread to many parts of the world, during the African
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His movemont of 7,000 coils formed hills and valleys on Earth and brought forth stars and planets in the cosmos. He forged metals from his heat and sent forth lighting bolts to form the sacred rocks and stones of the world. When he shed his skin in the sun, releasing all the waters over the land, the reflection in the waters made a rainbow. Damballah fell in love with the rainbow, and made it his wife, Aida Wedo. The Loa descended upon the first faithful in the legendary city of Ife. This is located in Nigeria, where all life and spiritual strength came from, according the Voodoo practioners. Voodoo practitioners use dances to channel ancestral spirits. They often spin in a type of trance while adorned with various sacred voodoo symbols, such as masks and fetishes. Men with stickes keep the dancer from getting close to others during the festival. This is done due to the believe that a touch from a dance could kill. During dance ceremonies a veve will be made. A veve is made of powder drawn horizontally from the pinched fingers of a skilled practitioner. The practitioner is standing during this time with his legs spread, that is for invoking specific spirits. Voodoo worship is organized around ounfos. The word ounfos refers to temples where voodoo practitioners worship. Voodoo believes may be tied to a temple through blood or simply neigbors being drawn to them.There is no formal representation of religious hierachy as there is in other

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