Religous Poetry Research Paper

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Religious Poetry Research Paper

King David was the author of Psalms 23: 1-6, and was revered throughout the bible as a great man that had great leadership qualities, and was admired by God. God himself referred to David as a man after his own heart. Throughout the Bible, there was only one man that held the heart of God; and that man was David. God described David as being a, “man after God’s own heart,” and gave the reason why He felt this way about David. “I have found David son of Jesse a man after my own heart; he will do everything I want him to do” (Acts 13: 22, Life Application Study Bible). The poetic words of Psalms 23 was written by King David, illustrating God as our Shepherd who provides, leads, protects, and
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Jewish liturgy is traditional prayer and praise performed the same in church as well as at home.
Background Information Author of Psalms 23: Throughout the Old Testament of the Bible, there have been “Great Men” that God has used to do His will. For example: Abraham, Jacob, Joseph, and Moses. All of these men were “Great.” However, none of these men were perfect. They had faults, sins, trials and tribulations just as we do today. These men had to learn how to trust, have faith, and depend on God to keep His promises. None of these men lived an exemplary life that God could use without first forming them into the type of men He desired for them to be. Although David was a sinner, just like the men mentioned early on; God still held David in high esteem, because David loved the Lord with all his heart. David was a sinner, he committed adultery and murder. Though all that he was, David still loved and trusted in God. I’ve heard it preached that God is concerned mainly with our heart, not necessarily our outward expression. Although, we are still held accountable for our actions; but Christ examined the heart from which the action came forth. David trusted and believed in God no matter what. David exhibited great leadership abilities, and God created and placed him in a position of leadership: Making David the King of Israel. “After removing Saul, he made David their king” (Acts 13: 22, Life Application Study Bible). The place Psalm 23 was

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