Religious Symbolism Of Lord Of The Flies By William Golding Essays

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Religious symbolism is in almost every literature piece you could pick up. Sometimes, if you are not exactly familiar with religious symbolism you would not see them in a literature piece. In Lord of the Flies a novel written by William Golding, The Garden of Eden, Adam and Eve, the devil, and Christ himself are all shown throughout this novel. These biblical expressions are sequestered quite well, if you do not have a trained eye for the bible, you may need help finding them. Religious symbolism is a main theme in Lord of the Flies, not only in a character named Simon, but also in the island and Lord of the Flies himself. The translation of Lord of the Flies is Beelzebub, which further translates to a demon or the devil himself. As you see, the title is even biblically related, but hidden because that was exactly what Golding wanted. In this novel there is a pig head on a stick covered in flies that is talking to Simon, keep in mind Simon was Christ. Christ was tempted by the devil. The pigs head is essentially “Lord of the Flies.” The Lord of the Flies is nefarious he even references hell, “you know perfectly well you’ll only meet me down there – so don’t try to escape” (Golding 143). What the Lord of the Flies is saying is Simon will literally meet him in hell mostly because he believed in the greater good, but in book terms this meant Simon was going to encounter true evil down at the end of the mountain. As we will see later Simon did meet a true evil at the end of…

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