Religious Persecution And Its Effects On World Wide Human Rights

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Persecution in the name of religion has occurred throughout history and continues around the globe. Expressions of persecution may be subtle and individual, such as the teasing of an Islamic child for wearing a head covering, to acute and global, such as terrorist attacks and war. The study of religious persecution is more than the study of an interesting phenomenon: It is the study of a violation of human rights. Sociologists can add to the understanding of religious persecution and aid in its reduction or elimination by helping to develop better definitions of religious persecution, investigating and articulating its antecedents, and by devising ways to neutralize religious persecution in an effort to promote world-wide human rights.
The paths of many religions are stained with the blood of martyrs. The Jewish prophet Isaiah, for example, is reported to have been sawn in half. The early history of the Christian Church is full of stories of people being executed in Roman arenas or burned alive for their beliefs. The Shi 'ite sect of Islam follows the teachings of a martyred leader. Such examples of being persecuted for one 's religion, of course, are not only extreme, but relatively rare. More recently, are persecutions that have turned systematic such as the Crusades of Christians against the Muslim world or the Holocaust in which Hitler tried to systematically wipe everyone of Jewish extraction off the face of the planet.
Persecution in the name of religion occurs not…

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