Religious Music Vs Secular Music Essay

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The Middle Ages were a time of diversity in music. During this era, religious and secular were considered the two main types of music that can be dated back to the creation of man. They were, and are, two very distinctly different aspects in some respects, while actually being modestly unnoticeable in the many changes it has undergone throughout history. This allows for the adaptation of music to attune the interests and tastes of various people; thus creating a sense of agreement and harmony.
Religious music was the music and songs of the religion and was tied to worship and prayer; and although it was not specifically used as a form of entertainment, it has indeed kept people entertained and empowered by their beliefs and faiths. In
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Most religious music was a cappella, and as small organs became more widely used, it eventually developed into the very large and popular Baroque pipe organs.
Religious music progressed greatly and was reformed after the Middle Ages because the church employed most of its great composers from that distinctive era; as it also incorporated folk culture into their music.
Secular music originated in university towns, and; similar to that of religious music, was written in Latin; and sometimes lewd, texts, which was also unmeasured. There are two types of secular music; the first being folklore based, and the second being art music. This first type of music was generally passed down from a single generation to the next through word of mouth. The second type was; like religious music, searching for a higher truth.
There was; and is, a noticeable difference, when it came to musical instruments. Loud wind instruments; such as the cornetto and sackbut, were often used outdoors. Quieter consorts or the recorder, crummhorn and stringed instruments; on the other hand, were usually used

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