Religious Motives And Actions Of Christians Essay

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People talk about Christianity as a religion that makes life on earth easier and more enjoyable. However, this is not the way God, believers, and Christian philosophers view their faith. Christianity does not benefit humans on earth, but God and the eternal kingdom; the acts of believers exemplify the eternal. Christians lived a harder life because God called believers to give up the material world for the eternal. The religious motives and actions of Christians direct Christians apart from the world and into eternal life.
Faith in the eternal motivated Christians to focus on God, instead of the pleasure of seeking earthly desires. In City of God, Augustine explained the difference between the city of God, city of man, the heavenly city, and the earthly city. He claimed Christians desire to reach the peace of heaven, eternal life and the city of God, in order to get away from mortal life’s desires, wants, and corruption:
When we shall have reached that peace [peace of heaven], this mortal life shall give place to one that is eternal, and our body shall be no more this animal body which by its corruption weighs down the soul, but a spiritual body feeling no want, and in all its members subjected to its will. (369)

People found the spiritual body after they devoted their life God. The eternal promises made between God and Christians encouraged Christians to reach the spiritual body. Christians desired to please God and they did through faith. Augustine explained, “the…

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