Religious Influence On The Spread Of Mathematics Essay example

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Religious Influence on the Spread of Mathematics
An Academic response to The Music of the Spheres Some may find it hard to believe that the greatest of all historical mathematicians were influenced by their own spiritual and religious beliefs, and indeed, without religion, one could argue that we would not have advanced to the mathematics we have today. Surely, humanity would have eventually arrived to the same fundamental understands of numbers and geometry, but one has to doubt if the founding figures of math would have had the same curiosity if it wasn’t for religious influencing their desire to understand the world. Regardless of such speculation, it is known that mathematics would not have been able to spread throughout the world if it were not for the influence of the spiritual and religious. Using Jacob Bronoweski’s series titled The Ascent of Man, one can see how the spiritual gave us our modern mathematics while viewing the episode titled “The Music of the Spheres.” In around 580 BC, Pythagoras taught the first lessons to the Greeks that showed “that nature is commanded by numbers. There is a harmony in nature, he said, a unity in her variety, and it has a language: numbers are the language of nature” (“The Music”). Bronoweski continues to describe Pythagoras as a “magician” to his fellow Greeks because he was able to show them that nature can be, and should be, understood with mathematics. It is hypothesized that Pythagoras learned that nature can be…

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