Religious Homosexual Oppression Essay

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Oppression based on race, sex and sexual orientation:
Over the past 150 years, there have been many groups who have sought the North American dream of "liberty and justice for all." Examples are:
• Americans African seeking an end to slavery.
• Women campaigning to get universal suffrage.
• And now, gays and lesbians are seeking the same equal rights and protections enjoyed by other groups, including the right to marry.
This final conflict over homosexuality is a little different from the two conflicts based on race and gender. Being an African-American or a woman was never considered a crime. But being a sexually active person with a homosexual orientation was, theoretically, a crime in 13 states until the middle of 2003. Being
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They all use the contents of the Bible as a main foundation for their beliefs. Why have they reached such different conclusions concerning:
The morality or immorality of same-sex behavior; Whether sexually active homosexuals should be allowed as members or clergy; Whether loving same-sex committed couples should have their relationships recognized by a church ritual similar to a marriage ceremony. Whether same-sex committed couples should be allowed to marry in the church where it is legal to do so.
Understanding the different beliefs:
One approach to understanding this difference of opinion is to consider how each wing of Protestantism develops their religious beliefs. Whether expressed by Christian individuals or denominations, their convictions are mostly based on a blend of four factors. In the case of homosexuality, this involves. What the Bible actually says about homosexual behavior; the historical position of the denomination on homosexuality;
Personal observation and experience from one's involvement with homosexuals; and
Rational study -- the findings of researchers working in genetics, child psychology, human sexuality, etc.
It is important to realize that conservative and liberal Christians place different emphasis on the four factors. Generally speaking:
Conservatives rely mostly on the content of the Bible, as they interpret it to mean. "Sola Scriptura" ("Scripture alone")

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