Religious Fundamentalism : Islamic Fundamentalism Essay

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Religious fundamentalism, according to Riesebrodt, quoted by Samuel (2015),is an urban movement directedprimarily against dissolution of personality, patriarchal notions of order and social relations and their replacement by depersonalized principles.

There are different types of religious fundamentalism too:
Islamic fundamentalism
According to Munson (2014), there is a variation of the character of Islamist movements throughout the world. While some Islamists resort to terrorism, others do not. While others espouse leftist political and economic programs and borrow ideas from varieties of socialism and Marxism, there are those that remain conservative. Most insist on conformity to a code of conduct based on a literal interpretation of sacred scripture, which for them is the Quran. To them, religion encompasses all aspects of life and for that reason; it cannot be separated from politics. They also have a dualistic worldview where they believe that they are engaged in jihad (holy war) against their enemies, who are the Jews and Masons. In Muslim countries, Islamic movements are significant because they tend to articulate social and political grievances much better than the secular parties.

Christian fundamentalism
In the United States, it was once used to refer to American Protestants there who insisted firmly on the inerrancy of the Bible. The fundamentalists attacked modernist theories of Biblical criticism and reasserted the Bible as inerrant again and…

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