Religious Distinctions Between The Arab Conflict And The Intifada

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It was the year 2058 and there were no more religious distinctions in Israel. After centuries of religious war, including the crusades, the Israeli-Arab conflict and the Intifada there was an even worse religious uprising. On April 13th in 2028, Pope John Francis visited Bethlehem for Easter. He was assassinated by Hamas terrorists, Mahmoud El Axan and Muhammed Bin Raji. The five year war that ensued resulted in the deaths of 2,000,000 people and destroyed most of the religious sites in Jerusalem and beyond. After this bloody war, the leaders realized that wars were all caused by differences in religion, and so they decided the only way to get rid of war would be to unite all the religions into one. The new Pope along with the chief Rabbi of Israel and the Saudi Arabian Imam began an educational campaign to show how all the Abrahamic religions were really all the same. At first there was an open discussion, but over time the pressure from the heads of the other religions caused all disagreement to be avoided. Eventually, religious distinctions were made illegal. The new religion of Abrahamism became the state religion. Thirty years later, in 2058, Itzak Mamoud and Tamir Weinstein, who were best friends their whole lives, each applied to the same prestigious school, the Abrahamist Institute. They had always hoped to be Faith Teachers and being accepted into the Institute was their first step. They both had interest in studying the history of the Abrahamist religions, so…

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