Religious Criticism On Romantic Period Essay

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Religious Criticism on Romantic Period Poetry Religion in the Romantic period was significantly affected by the French Revolution, as were most parts of social and political life. Catholicism was on the rise and becoming the mainstream religion. However, many opposing perspectives and rebellious attacks were being made on the establishment of organized religion (Betros). Religious diversity is reflected throughout the written works of this period among numerous poets, and this increased criticism and feedback. Shelley, Blake and Coleridge are among many that questioned the traditional structure of religion during this era. Each of these experienced additional stress and hardships in their creative profession, as well as personal lives, due to their openly expressed religious convictions. Percy Bysshe Shelley was born among a very well off family. He was given every upper-class opportunity to succeed and even next in line to be the family beneficiary. He attended several colleges, ending at Oxford where he was expelled for the publication of The Necessity of Atheism. This pamphlet proclaimed his disbelief in the account of proof for the existence of God. On his own, due to losing his father’s respect following his self-proclaimed atheism, he falls prey to his own lust leading him down a path of “free love” (Percy). Shelley was fond of many women and did not allow monogamous ideas to hold him back. He endured numerous tragedies and many family deaths in his short however…

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