Religious and Ethnic Groups Paper

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Religious and Ethnic Groups | June 5
| Religious Group: Buddhism Racial/Ethnic Group: Black (African Descent). | |

America has many religions, races, ethnicities, and languages from all over the world. Prejudice and discrimination has been around for years, and it still is to this day. This is something that will probably never go away as everyone has their own ideals, and beliefs. Buddhism and Blacks have endured prejudice and discrimination of their own for many years. Buddhism is a path of practice and spiritual development leading to insight into the true nature of reality (“The Buddhist Center”). Buddhism doesn’t discriminate against race, nationality, sexuality, or gender. Buddhism is more of finding a path for
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They were oppressed and tortured, and went through quite a bit of abuse from prejudice and discrimination. Most (mainly “westerner”) don’t believe Buddhism as a religion since there is no one Creator, it is mainly just teachings to help you follow the path of Enlightenment. In Sri Lanka in the late 1800’s Christians were favored and they were given most jobs and promotions over Buddhists. Also during the Sri Lankan Civil War Buddhists experienced a lot terrorists attacks. The “Buddhist Faith Fellowship of Connecticut” stated, “In Tibet, the Dharma has been brutally oppressed since the Chinese invasion in the 1950’s.” Christian was a widely known religion for quite some time, and during these times it took over and they wanted to convert others, especially the Buddhist religion. Most non-Buddhists discriminated against the Buddhists. Catholics, Christians, Jews, and many groups did not agree with Buddhism with the thoughts it wasn’t really a religion. They were tortured in many places such as China, Tibet, Vietnam, North and South Korea, Great Britain, and France. Buddhism is seen everywhere here in America, from TV shows, in schools, to movies about the history. Although it is in many places that people don’t really realize. There are Buddha’s all over, and can be bought as little trinkets from places. If you rub the belly it is supposed to give you good luck. Meditation has come from this

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