Essay on Religions of the World

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The study of the religions of the world can help us as adelete…do not use personal pronouns in research papers…considered too informal of a tone…. society and asdelete individuals become more understanding, thoughtful, and tolerant of others. The major Abrahamic religions of the world today consist of Judaism, Christianity, and Islam and are structured similarly, but differ in many ways, and all have their own issues with extremists that might be more tolerant if they were to understand how close these religions are to one another. The study of the structural similarities is important in understanding each of these groups. The approach of studying Christianity, Judaism, and Islam can be similar in many ways. Firstcomma one wedelete …show more content…
They believe that Islam is a false religion and that Muhammad is a false prophet and that youone cannot believe in a man that is not greater than the Messiah. Christians study the scripture of The New and Old Testament. The Jewish belief is that Jesus is not the Messiah and Jews do not recognize Muhammad or The New Testament. Their scripture comes from the Torah. Islam believes in the teachings of the final prophet Muhammad who taught the final teachings of god to the people of Islam. Their scripture comes from The Quran. They are respectful of both Christians and Jews but believe they have wrong beliefs and false revelations. These views are of the majority and if all followers kept to their beliefscomma all the Abrahamic religions would be able to live in peace with one another, however, there are religious extremists out theredelete that think that they must do absolutely anything to show their faith is the only faith. All religions have their followers that perform acts of terrorism in the name of their religion. According to “Terrorism and Threat of Terrorism in the U.S.”(2006), “Violence by extremist Christians in the United States has been responsible for attacks on Jewish centers, attempts to poison municipal water supplies, bombing of abortion clinics, and shooting abortion providers” (para. 1). In 1994comma a Jewish extremist by the name of Dr. Baruch Goldstein

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