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The Dreaming

Dreaming: * Underpins all beliefs and practices * Incorporates past, present and future * Inextricably linked to the land * Ceremonialism
Dreamtime: Time of creation of all things
Dreaming: Individuals or groups set of beliefs or spirituality


Consists of: * Kinship * Ceremonial life * Obligations to land and people (as a result of societal values)


Highly sophisticated networks of relationships that govern interactions between members of language groups
Define where a person fits into the community, binding people together in relationships of sharing and obligation
Central to the way culture is passed on and society is organised
Dynamic and provides a
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ssed on
The land provides food, water, shelter and their connection to the sacred ancestral beings
The area of land for which a group is responsible for is called their "ritual estate"
These ritual estates contain their sacred sites
When one travels over the lands of others great care is taken not to break their laws
Ownership of the land is based upon division and distribution of ritual responsibility for the land rather than the right to use and occupy it
Land is not bound by geographical limitations it is the generation point of existence

Issues For Aboriginal Spiritualities

Depriving someone of what they own; land or property

The result of the activities of the many generations of non-aboriginal people and the land rights struggle

Include warfare, conflict, massacres and poisonings

Caused the destruction of whole tribes and extended families

Seperation From The Land

Seperation from the land removes the sense of belonging to life

Belonging to the dreaming gives life purpose and therefore removal from the land removes the purpose of life

The concept of returning to the spirit world after death is part of the dreaming, if they are removed from the dreaming and the land, their spirit in death is removed from its place


Terra Nullius led to the extermination of the aboriginal people with no compensation for their dispossession

Genocidal practices included mass poisonings murders, revenge parties and massacres

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