Religion 's Influence On Social And Political Institutions Essay

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In this week’s studies, my approach to religion has changed because I never knew or understood the complexity of the subject. I guess because I was born and raised a Catholic, my whole definition and idea of religion was based on my personal thought and experience as a Catholic. I had never really considered all the factors; such has religious behaviors, beliefs, cultures, languages, and so much more.
Further, I never really considered the power and impact religion not only had on people, but the impact it also has on social and political institutions. Personally, I do not see religion in relationship to politics, but as I learned more about my own faith and read this week’s studies, I see that religion does have “the power to reshape political and social institutions” (Cunningham and Kelsay, 2013). An example of where I have found this to be true in my own religion is learning about the origin of eating fish on Fridays during lent. Learning that this was only passed as a rule in the 16th century by the Catholic Church as a way to stimulate and help the fishing industry. This caused me to question and struggle with accepting a lot of the practices and rules of the church because I personally do not think that faith, belief, religion should be motivated by social or political or economic gains. However, after reading the course material in this unit, really caused to examine and rethink the connections.
For example, the book examines how the so-called “culture wars” often…

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