Essay on Religion 's Impact On The Scientific Revolution

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Religion’s Impact on the Scientific Revolution Even with the conflicts between the religious communities and the scientific communities, religion did not hinder, but helped to start the scientific revolution and continue its advancement. As permanent universities were established in the thirteenth century, it was the Catholic Church, working with some Islamic traditions and scholars that brought about the education that was provided to the medieval population. (History, 505) The religions were proponents for the advancement of knowledge and technology, but there needed to be room for God, God needed to be the cause of all things and this is what caused most of the conflicts. When some scientists separated God from science or used science to dismiss God, this caused problems with the religions. Toward the beginning of the Scientific Revolution, Nicolaus Copernicus had ground breaking findings on how people explained the motion of the planets in relation to the earth. Copernicus was a devout Catholic and was going to publish his findings that the universe was not geocentric, but heliocentric. He was also going to talk about the Earth being a planet that moves with the other planets. Knowing this was in contradiction to what the Catholic Church taught for centuries, he wanted to proceed with caution. He documented everything in a book he had published in 1543, the year of his death. He began by addressing Pope Paul III because he wanted to explain his intent and knew…

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