Religion vs. Science Essay

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Brianna Pace
Mr. Jetter
English 12P
18 October 2010 Religion Vs Science In many aspects of life, science and religion are shown to disagree with each other; Science focuses on logic and reason while religion relies solely on faith and the belief of a higher power. Both have advantages as well as disadvantages. Some advantages and disadvantages of religion are that you obtain eternal life, spiritual support and guidance, and be a better person through morals and values. With these advantages come discrimination, confusion, and sin luring you away from God. The advantages of science are better technology, more advancements and inventions, but the disadvantages are it leads to sin, physical laziness, addiction, and misuse.
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Many religions have their set ways and practices and are taught only one view, and when people of different religions share their belief, they are not accepting of a different view. This often leads to conflict and discrimination. Religion divides when it is supposed to unite. Many disagreements have occurred because different groups have different names for basically the same God. Another disadvantage of religion in the sin in your life lures you away from the right path therefore making it harder to always do what is right, many people have a hard time accepting religion because of the confusion it brings. People often believe that you have to be perfect and follow many rules when in actuality we are only human and everyone makes mistakes. Religion is very confusing and not accepted by everyone, such as scientists. Science is a systematic knowledge of the physical or material world gained through observation and experimentation. Scientists are able to create things which can improve the quality of our lives immeasurably; for example, all the advancements in the world such as computers, cell phones, transportation, ect. With these inventions people can now fulfill their aspirations and dreams much more easily. Science also helped in better knowledge in the medical field. Science is the only hope against many “incurable” diseases. Without many of today’s inventions many sicknesses and diseases that were

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