Religion Vs. Modern Science Essay

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Throughout the reading from week three “Religion and Science in the 1920s Collected Commentary” four primary viewpoints are defended. These are: There is no conflict between religion and modern science, there is no way to reconcile religion and modern science, science and religion can coexist in the same belief system, and science and religion support and complement each other. Each of these viewpoints was defended thoroughly by highly regarded intellectuals of their time period. The idea that there is no conflict between religion and modern science is primarily addressed by Frederick C Grant. Grant was the most prominent spokesperson for this position because he defined what it meant to have no conflict between science and modern religion. He claimed “true religion has nothing to fear from a true science and true science has nothing to fear at the hands of a true religion”. In his work he uses the involvement of Christians within the scientific community including the accomplishments of people such as Charles Butler, Thomas Aquinas and Augustine, to give credit to his assertion. He claimed if science and religion had been in conflict, these great scientists would not have been so diligent in their pursuance of scientific truth. Throughout this work others also shared this opinion, including Wilfred Parson, who claimed Catholics have no fear of scientific advancement and will remain unshaken. The second position is that in which there is no way to reconcile religion…

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