Religion : Religion And Religion Essay

1243 Words Dec 5th, 2016 5 Pages
Religion Religion is always a big topic from all over the world from the ancient to the present. With the development of science and education, there’s a growing doubt of the existence of some kind of religion. What’s more, several Islamic terrorist attacks have brought this topic to a hot debate. Is religion the root of the attacks? Does religion do harm to people? What exactly is religion? To me, I never believe in any religion or approve its contribution. Although there’s many Christians around me and there’s many voices about religion, none of them succeed to convince me to believe in any religion. I sometimes ask my friends about the “God” they believe due to curiosity. However it seems that even the believers cannot describe a clear image of God, or confidently admit the existence of God. As far as I can see, some believers choose to believe the mysterious “God” because they want to find an excuse to escape from the reality which they don’t want to face with. For example, if someone I know passes away, I’ll be less sad if I know he/she still be alive in heaven. However no one can prove that and the theory is too unrealistic to believe. However, according to many historical documents, we can see that religion played an important role in government and peacemaking. It’s also no doubt that religion has a great effect on world culture and society. What’s more, many successful people say that it’s religion made them great and some religion does make their…

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