Religion : Religion And Religion Essay

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HR 6 Religion
Everyday crimes are committed in the name of religion and people get outcast for not being in the religion being in the religious groups. Even though religion does so much harm many people live for religion. While many believe it’s okay to practice religion others feel that religion is wrong because it is harmful. Religion should be viewed as harmful. Religion has affected many aspects like history. This is expressed in many articles that describe the harm religion causes and how it corrupts people. Theist try to prevent things they can 't really control by bringing prayer in schools, pass laws, and prevent atheist from holding any positions of power which is in the lines of what ancient tribes did when anything unusual and unexplainable in their times occurred( “Religion and “More Harm than Good”). Throughout history, religion was used to back tragic and cruel behaviors of people. In the bible there are different views of scriptures to endorse things from love thy neighbor to seek revenge during the Civil War, the worst interpretations was used(Renner). Religions still try to hold people back into the past “ Slavery had God’s sanction. Woman and children were literally possessions of men. Warlords practiced scorched earth warfare...Sacred texts including the Bible, Torah and Koran all preserve and protect fragments of Iron Age culture,putting a God’s name and endorsement on some of the very worst human impulses”(Tarico). Another harm religions cause is…

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