Religion : Religion And Religion Essay

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There are over seven billion people, according to the World Meters, who have the ability to pick 270 or more religions. Religion does not have a universal definition, rather individuals define religion according to their religion preference. According to Oxford English dictionary, religion is defined as a “a particular system of faith and worship and a pursuit, interest, or movement, followed with great devotion.” I defined religion as the worship or belief in a supreme being with a community with the same devotion. Many have a misconception that religion is in direct correlation with God or supernatural beings; however, religion has more to do with the belief and rituals than god itself. Religion is having faith in a superior being that can provide answers of life or to explain the questions that have no answers to them. Throughout history, religion was the source of information to define the questions that no one had no answers to. As the world aged, some religions changed their faith to better understand life; nonetheless, others kept their rituals the same.
It is important to study religion to help further understand the psychology of humans and their blind faith. Around the world, people still practice ancient rituals in belief it will provide them with certain boons. In hinduism, there are gods that represent different climates, like Indra Dev( lighting god) or Agnidev (fire god). In addition, a old ritual or practice in Islam is Ramadan that is expected as a muslim…

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