Religion : Religion And Religion Essay

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Throughout the world religion exists and comes in thousands of different ways and forms. Religion can be defined as the belief of worshiping a human with controlling power usually known as a God or a group of Gods. Those who practice religion focus on the importance of what is good and right according to those beliefs and views individuals follow. Religion is practiced in different settings including churches, temples, and mosques varying on the type religion. Individuals are given the option to associate themselves with religion however many times they feel obligated to follow in the footsteps of their family’s religious backgrounds. According to the first amendment "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion” and according to the state “they have no role or authority in defining beliefs relating to God and worship.” Therefore making religion a free practice and not making any religion superior than another. Religion can be looked as a way of life and tries to better the life of an individual. Being exposed to religion at a very young age has given me a lot of knowledge regarding this topic. Growing up both of my parents were raised as Catholics by their parents and have passed their knowledge down to my siblings and I. For as long as I can remember my family has always been big on religion and have made me attend church every Sunday or Saturday for mass. Getting use to this ritual made me feel closer to god from the readings I would hear every…

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