Religion: Pantheism And Christianity

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Why study theology? Why is theology important? Theology is the study or practice of religious faith. Theology is sort of like a compass—It points us in the right direction, but it’s not the direction itself. Theology isn’t religion, but it is the study of religion. It helps to answer the unanswerable questions, such as, how did we get here? When? Why? What is the purpose for living? Without theology or religious faith, our life loses meaning. For if we believe that we have no purpose, then our lives become pointless. Theology is often coincided with Christianity, but it doesn’t just mean the study of Christian faith. Throughout my speech, I am going to compare and contrast two types of religious beliefs: Pantheism and Christianity, as well …show more content…
Pantheism is the view that nature and God are the same. Everything and everyone is God. The universe is identical with divinity. Many Naturalists and religions stem from Pantheism, such as Hinduism and Buddhism. Pantheism has a reverence for the universe. The earth is sacred. It’s beautiful and the best there ever will be. This life is all there is. The earth was created from the universe and will one day be consumed by the universe. We are the universe; the universe is us. There is no single deity, but we are all gods. We can make or set our own futures. There is no higher authority. Pantheism believes that in order to unlock our destiny, we have to become one with nature, which is accomplished through mediation, nature walks etc. So how is Pantheism different from Christianity? What is …show more content…
The belief that this earth is all we have and that we are all gods? Or that we were made for a higher purpose, that there is One Deity and we were made to serve and live in His abundant love? The main difference between the two is that Pantheism believes that the Universe is God. There was no creator. Christianity believes that that there is only one God. He is the Creator of the world, just as much as a painter is the creator of his painting. The painting is dependent of the painter, but the painter is not dependent on the painting. If the work of art was destroyed, the painter would live on. One of the big issues with Pantheism, is that they cannot account for the creation of the universe. The universe had beginning, but we did not create ourselves. So how did we get here? If we define God as the universe, then to say that everyone and everything is the universe is to say that nothing at all can be explained. I for one, do not feel like an all-knowing, divine being. If we were all gods, surely we’d have the answers to everything. We would not need anything. To think that we are all gods is simply gratifying and feeding our pride. How did evil come into the world? Who created the Law of Morality? A Pantheist cannot answer these questions. If evil exists, and all is god, then evil is god. C. S. Lewis once said, “If you do not take the distinction between good and bad very seriously, then it is easy to say that anything you find in this world is a

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