Religion Is Responsible For Holy Wars Essay

2012 Words May 25th, 2016 9 Pages
When people are growing up they are told that religion is a place where love and compassion come from; and god will love you no matter what. Well, if you look at the history of religion, there are somethings that people of god do not tell us either because they choose not to or they simply do not know. Religion is responsible for holy wars, genocides, racism, dividing people, fear mongering, and not letting followers to think different of what they believe in.

Many people think that religious people are kind and caring people, it would be true if everyone believed in the same things as they did. If a group did not believe in the same god or similar beliefs as another, there will be a major conflict. One example of conflict was, the Thirty years war. This was the most destructive war caused by religion, which was caused by the Protestants and Catholic. In the article “Thirty Years war” it says there was an estimated 4 million people who died in the war. Also, in the same article it states that the two religions got into a power struggle of what part of the regions they will control. People of god should not be power hungry and killing people who get in their way because they do not have the same beliefs or same idea. It goes against what they are taught because they are taught to believe to love every human being. In this case, the Catholics and Protestants justify their actions because they are doing it in the name of “god.” Another war influenced by religion was the…

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