Essay on Religion Is A System Of Beliefs, Values, And Rituals

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Religion is a system of beliefs, values, and rituals that exemplify behaviors based upon teachings. Beliefs are the foundations for our values and are what we hold to be true. Beliefs are formed based upon personal experiences, teachings, exposure, cultures and faiths. Opinions surrounding life and death experiences are held in the highest regard by those practicing.
Foundations are supported towards truthfulness and often result in a foundation built on speculation without evidence.
Beliefs provide a sense security and a calming sense of completeness in our daily lives.
We readily accept those early teachings without question and recurrently utilize them. As expected, we inherently pass those beliefs along for the continuance by future generations. Our beliefs are the foundation that our lives are built around and provide a sense of reality when making our decisions.
Worship takes on many different aspects. Some worship an individual holy being or deity while some worship multiple. At a growing number, some choose to not worship at all. One’s characteristics are significantly derived from beliefs and they provide controls and boundaries for actions. Menno Simons (1496-1561) was a leader of the Mennonites that found Switzerland to be their home (Powell). Much dissention began during the late 1600’s because of the lack of enforcement surrounding some disobedient actions of the members, otherwise known as shunning, which should have resulted in the excommunication of the…

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