Essay on Religion Is A System Of Beliefs Driven

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Section A
1. A) Define the term religion in such a way that your definition includes the following characteristics: deity, community/congregation, morality, ritual. B) Some people argue that the world would be better off without religion. Others think that religion is very useful to society. Which view do you agree with and why?
Religion is a system of beliefs driven by the feeling that some questions can only be answered by faith; for instances, questions such as where did we come from? and What happens to us after we die? These and other external mysteries help define religion as beliefs in supernatural forces, community, myth, moral code, ritual, and the belief in the afterlife. The belief in supernatural beings, especially god is based on an intuition that there is something greater than ourselves or a higher power that we must answer to. The community is communal in nature and a social group bound together by the above. The myth is the sense of mystery of the unknown and adoration when we come into the presence of sacred places, objects, and rituals. More importantly, a moral code is the major characteristic of religion because is the sense of what is wrong and right believed to be derived from the commands of god 's. In other words, is the structure of life, of how to behave, relate with other or what to expect from social relationships. Thus, the ritual is the forms of communication with supernatural beings and it can be through prayer because it 's how to…

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