Argumentative Essay On I Am Malala

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Every religion has their own beliefs. Some people who are really devoted to their religion go by what it stands. Others don’t have the same beliefs as their religion. In this case, those people go to a different religion that shares the same beliefs with them or they just don’t stand by anything. Some people believe that we’re a bad person if we claim to be of a certain religion, but yet we don’t agree on what is said. Its every person’s decision to be of a certain religion and it’s their decision if they choose to believe in their religion or not. It doesn’t make us bad people if we don’t completely agree with our religion. It’s okay to express our own opinion about certain things. A person can still be a good Muslim even if they aren’t fully …show more content…
In the book, “I Am Malala” by Malala Yousafzai, Malala states things about her religion that aren’t allowed and there’s one thing that she just doesn’t agree to and doesn’t go by, but just because there’s one thing she’d like to change, doesn’t mean she isn’t a good …show more content…
If they aren’t fully committed then they don’t believe their religion. If they don’t agree with certain things or if they are going against it, then they aren’t true believers. One example is Malala not being honest about the stuff she was doing. She just kept doing it and doing it all over again never expecting to get caught. “I used to go to her house to study, so whenever I was there I would pocket her things, mostly toy jewelry like earrings and necklaces. It was easy.” (Yousafzai 97). Stealing is possibly one of the worst things. Stealing is very bad and for someone to do that and yet be so religious just looks bad. This is really similar in most other religions because it’s a sin to steal and yet lie about it. To get a good feeling and satisfaction about stealing just makes the person look like a terrible person. Shows and proves that they’re not trustworthy and respectful towards

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