Religion In Angela's Ashes

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A famous religious figure, Joel Osteen, once said “ The moment you ask for forgiveness, God forgave you. Now do your part and leave the guilt behind ”. This quote is largely related to the religious theme of the book Angela’s Ashes written by Frank McCourt. The book displayed an autobiography of Frank’s life through his eyes from the time before his birth till he reached adulthood. Throughout his life, his family and he had faced many problems such as starvation. Frank sought religion as a way to ease away from his problem in the comfort of God. Frank McCourt’s faith was affected by the religious figures in his life that cost him his faith in the church and almost his faith in God.
The main religious figures that had a huge impact on Frank’s religious faith were the Jesuits. Through his eyes, they were primarily unwitty people who didn’t care about the poor. The Jesuits didn’t even try to have a relationship with them and when it came to the point where they tried to give the poor some advice they seem very ignorant. For instance, the Jesuits lived in well-kept places with nice food and had the
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Frank didn’t like them very much, and it could even be said that he was somewhat jealous of them. When he mentioned them in the book he said that they are the ones “who get their exercise beating boys and starving the life out of them” (231). In his mind he was probably wondering, why are they the selected people to participate in the church? These were the type of “people with motorcars who stick out their little fingers when they pick up their teacups,” whom the Jesuits allow to be part of the church (244). Why should they be the selected ones if there are others like Frank who worked their butt off to become part of the church, but were unfortunately poor? This realization took away the last drop of faith that he had for being part of the church and overall his faith in the

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