Essay about Religion in Academics

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Religion in Academics To say the United States is a religious nation would be an understatement. About 90 percent of Americans claim to believe in God, and almost 80 percent say that religion in an important part of their lives. Seventy percent of Americans pray and 40 percent attend religious services and read the Bible each week (Nord 1). Religion is a significant factor in our everyday lives. Instead of trying to ignore the impact religion has made in the past and continues to make, we must strive to learn more about different religions and embrace the religions of our world.
From the time this country was established on religious freedom, there has been a struggle with religion in academics. During colonial times, the schools
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If they are ignorant of all religions but their own, it is difficult to understand another person's perspective.
It is essential to study religion because we are living in an increasingly diverse, multicultural country. Being familiar with the religions of others can help foster positive human interactions in society and the work place. It can also lessen the tension that religious exclusivism naturally causes, promote understanding and mutual respect, and even highlight the many teachings that the different religions have in common. Teaching of different religions in schools would lead to tolerant adults. Although religion may be neglected in school curriculum, it would be inaccurate to assume it does not exist in the real world. Adults educated in religion and religious differences can interact with other religious believers without causing offense or insult. Each person will come into contact with religion in one form or another. We depend upon schools for an education. This should include unbiased education of different religions.
An example of the importance of learning about other religions is a public official visiting other countries with different religions and cultures. If the President of the United States is traveling to a Muslim country, it is necessary for him to know and understand the customs in this culture. For example, a faithful Muslim prays five times a day

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