Religion From A Sociological Perspective Essay

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Religion occurs where ever societies exist, from the Sumerians and the Ancient Egyptians right through to modern society religion is everywhere. This essay will look at religion from a sociological perspective and try to answer whether or not Britain is becoming a more secular society.

When it comes to religion sociologists, unlike theologists and philosophers, are not as interested in the details of religions themselves, but in what effects religion has on its particular society. The sociological study or religion is separate from the philosophical approach, which is concerned with such questions as the nature and existence of God and the relationship between God and science (William Alston, 1967), in that it does not seek to answer whether or not there, is any validity to religious beliefs. Sociologist Peter L Berger (1967) coined the term ‘methodological atheism’ to describe the process needed in comparing the different beliefs of various religions. Unlike theology, which basis itself on the assumption that God exists, sociology offers only indifference to the supernatural aspects of religion, and does not to seek proof or disproof of these matters.

Indeed, when it comes to religion, sociology uses the same methods of study as it does for any other subject, quantitative means such as questionnaires and surveys and qualitative methods, interviews and observations. When studying sociology, sociologists consider every aspect, from how a believer acts whilst in their place…

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