Religion, Ethnicity, And Cultural Characteristics Essay

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person’s heritage,ethnicity, and cultural characteristics all stem from religion. These characteristics can connect millions— or even billions of people together. Likewise, it can create deep divisions between people of different religions sharing the same land. Major religions living alongside one another can cause horrible events such as wars, crusades, and conquests.

Although religion is generally viewed as a peaceful characteristic of any society, religion does have an active role in wars. Religion exists all over the world and religion represents the ideologies of a society. Different ideologies create strained relations, which can surely create a war within a country. In France, for example, there were a series of multiple wars and massacres between Protestants and Catholics. The Edict of Nantes, The First War, The Second War, The Third War, St. Bartholomew’s Day Massacre, The Fourth War, The Fifth War, The Sixth War, and the Seventh war occurred within a mere twenty years from 1560-1580.There was a conflict of living under a land with a single religion, law, and king. The “Edict of Toleration” made the practice of Protestantism legal, but restricted. Of course, after this Edict was passed, the tension did not come to a complete stop. Years of persecution deeply divided the people of France economically and socially. The presence of different religions in France created hostility that a single law could not possibly end. These wars exemplify what occurs when…

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