Essay Religion As The Leader?

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Religion as the leader "Almost any sect, cult or religion will legislate its creed into law if it acquires the political power to do so", (Robert A. Heinlein) .
This Proverb from Robert A. Heinlein states a fact that always has and always will be a truth in society, especially in a modern Democratic society. If the culture is build on religious believes, government surely will interfere with religious believe. In a society that is based on religious freedom and separation of church and state, religion always finds its way into government, which is noticeable in every aspect of politics and the decisions that come with it, that are involved in our life. In our culture, Religion is interfering with Government if we notice or not. Religion is the main force in our government and politics, but through the influence of religion itself the country splits apart and wrong decisions are made. Nathaniel Hawthorne reflected his views in work and The Scarlet Letter, is no exception. Nathaniel Hawthorne thought that the church has to much power over the government and in The Scarlet Letter those views are noticeable in more than one way. “ Madam Hester fuseth to speak and the magistrates have laid their heads together in vain…forgetting that god see everything” (Hawthorne 68+69). The governor in The Scarlet Letter says this quote; this quote shows how the religion blends into the government. The governor pressures the man who had an affair with Hester Prynne into telling the…

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