Essay about Religion As A Foundation Of Morality

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For several hundreds, perhaps even thousands, of years, religion has been integrated in almost all cultures. Religion started as a relatively barbaric force that swept through all the continents until it enveloped nearly every culture. Almost every culture has adopted, forcefully at times, some form of religion. It is asserted that before religion, we were nothing but immoral criminals that seethed with chaos. It is said that religion saved us from an imminent self destruction of our own unethical actions. Many will even assert that we need religion as a foundation of morality. I object to this by saying we most certainly do not, nor did, need religion to develop our sense of morality in society. This is supported by evidence found in the human-like characteristics observed in primates, primarily the ability of certain primates to conceive fairness and plan revenge on those which cause them harm.

First off, let me tackle the question of where morality came from. Many find solace in the idea that religion was the founder and creator of basic human decency, and without religion there would be chaos and anarchy in human societies. So the question arises, where would our morality be without religion? At first it might make sense. The 10 commandments proposes 10 rules to follow--even though, nowadays, only a few of these commandments are widely considered to be immoral if directly disobeyed. Another example is Karma: one 's actions will have an effect on them later in life that…

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