Religion And The Middle East Essay

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Misunderstandings and a lacking of cultural appreciation have caused many to fall into a misconception over the Middle East. With mass media only broadcasting the negative stories of the Middle East, a land of beauty, culture, and morality has been painted as a land of terror, destruction and anger from those who do not wish to understand the “why” behind it all. The three variables I believe impacted the Middle Eastern societies was first, the spread of Islam, Christianity and Judaism. Second being the migration of western imperialism in the Middle East, in which the British wanted to control the Middle East for selfish reasons. Finally, the Palestinian and Israeli conflict that started after the retreat of western imperialism, as well as the spread of Zionism to achieve a Jewish national state.
Religion has been around for centuries, and has played a major role in many countries foundational periods. It is said the top three religions Christianity, Judaism and Islam were created in the Middle East. (Hoffman, 1) In fact, many people believe the Middle East is home to many significant temples and lands. Majority of the population in the Middle East are Muslims, which is the following and practicing of Islam. Muhammad the founder of Islam believed the basic rules of practicing Islam was the worshiping of one god-Allah, the reverence of god, and the act of sharing ones wealth with others. With Islam being the most prevalent religion in the Middle East, I believe the…

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