Essay on Religion And The Lgbtq Marginalization

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Religion and the LGBTQ Marginalization in Brazil
Studies about homosexuality are very recent, the conception about the term homosexuality does not have long date, the term homosexual did not even exist until 1869, when it was first used in a pamphlet against anti-sodomy laws in Prussia” (Fischer). The term gay, which in English means "cheerful" and comes from the French “Gai”, was first used with the current meaning by Gertrude Stein in 1922 in his book Miss Furr & Miss Skeene, (P.99). Initially, because of the ignorance of people, wrong interpretation of biblical texts or intended prejudice, homosexuals were persecuted, judged, condemned and killed for being considered sinners.
It was in the religious context that the first condemnations of homosexuals were identified, between the 7th and 11th centuries there was in the literature of the Catholic Church a guide for priests known as Penitential, this guide instituted specific penitence for the most different supposedly “sins” committed by homosexuals (Jurkewicz).
During the Middle Ages, religion dictated moral, political and social rules, the religion determined the types of sins committed, their due punishments and condemnations, the Sexuality was totally controlled and monitored by the religion, Subsequently, medicine, in particular the Field of psychiatry becomes the authority in sexual knowledge and diagnosis, publishing the most varied researches on the subject, in Parallel to psychiatry, justice It will also use a…

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